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Marilyn Cropley - Planet earth needs our help

Marilyn Cropley has endorsed Earth Charter International and plans to incorporate its principles in her work. Planet earth needs our help – a not-for-profit community project comprising a childrens’ story book and accompanying resources.

Bournemouth Borough Council

Currently the only local authority in the UK to endorse the Earth Charter.

Avonwood Primary

At Avonwood Primary the principles of the Earth Charter have been the heartbeat of its creation and now permeate everything that it does, for instance in the early-years curriculum right through to the school mascot. When the children enter their purpose-built school building, one of their first sights is their Earth Charter poem painted conspicuously on the main wall in reception, “It starts with one”

Underpinning everything they do are the following core values:

  • treat all living beings with care,
  • promote cultural tolerance and peace,
  • learn about different people and religions, and
  • build democratic societies.

When you visit you can feel a sense of purpose, with the children learning that to make the world a better place it must start with them as individuals. The school is not just teaching the young people how to learn, but how to live.

It is particularly inspiring to be connected with the Avonbourne Primary School; building on the commitment and success of 16-year old Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, there is a groundsquote of young people around the world who are rising to the challenge of our destruction of the world around us. There is a saying that “you are never too young to lead, and you are never too old to learn”. Earth Charter South is dedicated to supporting the young to lead and we hope that we, the older generations, will be prepared to learn.

East Dorset Friends of the Earth

Bournemouth Inter-faith Group

Dorset Agenda 21 Ltd (Sustainable Dorset)

East Dorset Green Party

Transition Town network – Bournemouth and elsewhere